Video Interview Software For Recruiting and Hiring

Finding top talent just got easier with HIRENAMI Hire video screening platform.

Go Mobile With Interviewing Software

Bring the convenience of mobile to the hiring process, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Save Time With A Video Interview Platform

Filter candidates by video screen, eliminate the phone screen and choose the best talent for your team by pressing play.

Did you know…

The average in-person interview is 48 minutes long, the average phone screen is 28 minutes long and the average hiring manager knows if a candidate will be successful within the first 2 minutes of conversation.

With video interview software, you eliminate the traditional, highly involved candidate screening process, saving time, money and frustration.

The average hiring manager processes 22 candidates to hire just one person.

HR managers receive on average 250 resumes within the first week of posting an open position and over 100 applications within the first 2 weeks.

hiring managers

Did you know…

Replacing a mistaken hire can cost 2.5x the position’s salary?

With interviewing software, save time, money and effort by effectively screening candidates before they step foot in the office. Easily sift through candidate submissions, select your Top 5 candidates and schedule in-person interviews with talent that really shines.

Job Hunters

Did you know…

60% of job seekers stopped filling out applications because the process was too long.

Slash application time and streamline the process with video screening software. No more tedious applications. Simply submit a personalized video with HIRENAMI Hire – a powerful video interview platform.

The HIRENAMI Request Builder system acts as a simplistic applicant tracking system for companies who do not have one and supplements companies with larger applicant tracking systems. HIRENAMI’s video interview platform uses proven predictive analytics models that bring value to those looking to hire and coach employees, by using real data to evaluate personality, achievement level and determination to succeed, and streamlining the hiring process by ranking and scoring the best candidates.

Reduce hiring bias. Evaluate coachability. Find potential.

Reduce hiring bias.

Evaluate coachability.
Find potential.


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