Online Training Software Designed To Make Your Team Stronger

We’re disrupting the LMS status quo.

With HIRENAMI Train, You Can:
  • Create customizable training courses and content that are interactive, intuitive and frankly, less boring.
  • Access training content anytime, anywhere, on any device…meaning you don’t have to be stuck at your desk.
    • Measure training ROI with the KPIs that actually matter to you and your team.

Quickly create, assign and track courses with HIRENAMI’s scalable training management software.


Benefit from easy and efficient setup.


Learn on any mobile device.

Instantly upload all your training and development content in any format to deliver training on-demand to a workforce that lives on mobile devices.

Bring the convenience of mobile to training. The intuitive social and mobile interface makes it easy to train anytime, anywhere, on any device.

HIRENAMI’s online training software can make personalized course suggestions based on skills and performance, tailoring dynamic learning paths for each learner and each position.

Training ROI

With HIRENAMI’s online training software, you can effectively measure the impact of training on your business by correlating any KPI with your training method to discover the relationship between training and business performance.

Content Management

Are your training materials in 10 forms? No problem. HIRENAMI lets you upload virtually any file type instantly into our online training platform.

You can also use our cutting-edge tools to add a web resource to your training library in seconds.

Amazing User Experience

HIRENAMI offer an intuitive, engaging and mobile interface that learners love. We’re disrupting the LMS status quo.

next Gen Learning Management

With HIRENAMI’s online training software module you can:

      • Quickly and easily create courses.
      • Train employees, managers, and even partners – anywhere, at any time.
      • Customize access and assignments based on criteria you choose.

Courses & Exams

Use virtually any type of content, such as documents, PowerPoints, videos or SCORM files, to create custom online courses in just minutes.

Assign Training

Set up rules so you will never have to worry about assigning the proper training to new or existing team members.

Knowledge Sharing

Share knowledge in a very natural way by peer-response and recognition.

On the job training

Conduct training and assessments in real-world, applicable settings.

Hourly STAFF Limitations

Limit access to training material outside of the working environment with flexible configurations based on physical or IP address.

Flexible Org Structure

Set up any kind of org structure and assign admin permissions.

Groups & Collaboration

Create small communities within a learning academy for any topic to stimulate communication, sharing and collaboration.

Open API & SSO

Open API integrates with any third-party software and allows SSO implementation.

Social Integrations

Connect a corporate academy to multiple social platforms.


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