How to Effectively Engage Your Team Using Video Coaching

For most companies, engaging with the millennial and Gen Z generations looks differently than traditional efforts. Upcoming generations desire authentic and intentional interactions that make them feel known and challenge them to be better versions of themselves – both personally and professionally. Instead of only training your new hires at the beginning of their employee journey, consider supplementing training with coaching. With coaching, you can encourage lifelong learning that will consistently stretch and challenge individuals in their careers. Using engaging video coaching software, you can efficiently and effectively deliver coaching that promotes continuous learning.

Video coaching helps effectively engage teams and develop four key areas:

1. Develop Customer Centric Teams

With globalization influencing the spread of commerce, many companies have expanded their operations from one single location to multiple across the globe. It can be hard for large companies with many different workspaces to ensure consistent and effective communication. Culture doesn’t not look the same across the globe. Every location within an organization may share the same overall company culture and values, but the individual cultures may look a little different. Consistent messaging among all employees is important in these situations, so how do companies relay the same message across the company?

Video coaching allows organizations to cultivate face-to-face connections with team members without physically being in the same place. Video allows employees to share a consistent vision and stay on brand, as well as keep employees updated on important company information and happenings. This eliminates any margin for miscommunication to take place or even for a message to be lost in space. It keeps organizations continuously connected and engaged in new material that will ultimately allow each individual to be more effective in their role.

2. Continual shared learningvideo coaching

Learning doesn’t just stop when individuals graduate from an educational institute.  Continual shared learning is vital for organizational health. Research displays that over 70% of required skills for a position happen on the job, rather than receiving formal training (HIRENAMI). Shared learning engages employees to continually be striving to improve in their area of work. When employees feel challenged, they have higher motivational efforts and ultimately feel like a valuable asset to your company. Video coaching allows shared learning to take place wherever you are and can bring personalization and intentionality into any learning context. Ditch the boring training manuals during the onboarding process, and actively engage with your employees through video coaching.

3. Increase Low Performers Success Rates

Video coaching allows for continual communication between sales managers and their sales teams. What would happen if managers greeted their team members on the first day of work and then never followed up to see how they were doing? It wouldn’t be good. Continual communication and learning allows for pain points to be identified and addressed before major problems arise. Video coaching will allow benchmarking to take place between sales teams, so that managers can continually provide resources as well as assist with any issues from wherever they may be.

4.Customized Coachingvideo coaching

Why coach in the exact same manner as a major competitor? Your organization is unique and has a learning culture that doesn’t look like every other organization out there. Video coaching is an innovative way to design coaching methods that are specific to your organization. Other companies may not currently have the same pain points that you are identifying and tackling. This platform allows you to take the resources you have and specifically design them to better assist your teams and organizations in a way that matches your culture and continuous learning methods.

Is your organization desiring to take a closer look into video coaching? Check out HIRENAMI to see more incredible benefits of this platform.