Hiring Millennials: How To Attract the Biggest Workforce in the World

It’s time to think outside of the box. Millennials are charging the world head-on, creating new ways of living and thinking that have never before existed. Processes that previously worked seamlessly are been stirred up by a new working generation that is driven by purpose. Millennial workers are dominating the workforce today, but we are still seeing organizations struggle to attract millennial candidates. Unfortunately, traditional recruiting and hiring methods are falling short in effectiveness. Recruiters and hiring managers are searching for effective tools that will engage millennial candidates while maintaining a hiring process that does not include increased cost and time.

How do you attract the biggest workforce in the world? The key is to begin looking into what drives this generation to want to be apart of your organization.

Ditch the 9-5

Flexibility is key. The question is: “Do we work to live or live to work?” What we know about the millennial generation is how driven by meaning they are. Millennials need to be ensured that they aren’t just in a world that is existing around them. They want to participate and thrive in the world. Implementing a stability between work and personal life is vital for their personal success. You can change the game in your company’s culture just by allowing more flexibility in scheduling. This can look differently for every company. Whether you integrate work from home days, mental health breaks, flexible lunch break, etc., the main goal is to create a place where your employees feel like work isn’t a burden. You might fear that your employees will take advantage of flexibility, but they are often more motivated when they don’t feel constrained.

Be a purpose-driven peoplehiring millennials

Deloitte surveys found that six in 10 millennials express, “a sense of purpose” was part of their decision in accepting their current jobs, and almost half of those surveyed have declined to perform assignments at work because it contradicted their values. Millennial employees thrive in environments that align closely with their values. They desire to work in an organization where there is a clear purpose, not only in their company but for society at large. Companies lacking an inspiring purpose and mission may end up blocking transparency and increasing the feeling of strict hierarchy within the office.

Perks play a factor

More companies are shifting the paradigm by integrating more perks, like free food, nap rooms, or pet-friendly office spaces, just to name a few. The expectation bar is set high by millennial workers, who are set on changing the way that culture looks within the workplace. Generation X still values the power of compensation and control, but those two aspects don’t always fall in the top desires for the younger workforce. Millennials thrive in collaborative spaces. They desire to be seen, heard, and known. They desire to know what their potential growth within the company looks like.

Continual learning and feedback

Gone are the days of yearly reviews, when people dread the scheduled meeting to hear about the success or failure of that project they completed nine months ago. Routine, scheduled yearly meetings don’t fully display what healthy communication and feedback looks like. It is vital for any company with any generation of employees to continually look for ways to affirm and challenge its employees. As humans, we desire to been seen and known, and so by saying goodbye to yearly reviews and shifting to an open-door communication style, you could see large improvements within your organization. You can better identify issues as they arise, as well as can celebrate wins quicker.

Wear your values confidentlyhiring millennials

Have you ever heard the saying “Do what you say and say what you do?” It is a saying that quickly integrates itself into any organization’s daily operations. Core company values help companies make more effective decisions, so actually acting out what you say you will do is an vital step for organizations. Did you know that core values are quickly becoming a major factor in whether or not a prospect accepts an offer with your organization or not?

Why is it so important to wear your values confidently? It is a key indicator of the health of your company’s culture. If you fully live out the values that you created for your organization, you leave little room for anything less than a high standard to be accepted. If your company value is ‘truth,’ and you fully live it out with in your organization, then you will be less likely to accept any behavior that undermines that core value.

For millennial workers, core values fuel motivation. They want to be sure that the company they are working for aligns with their personal values. They desire to see that there is a continual effort for incredible company culture, so much so that it would spread to the world around them.

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